Lori DiGuardi Transformation, Empowerment, and Personal Development Speaker, Blogger, Life Coach
[Lori] was very authentic and honest. [I will] honor myself to know what I need, to let go of self doubt.

I help women say “Yes” to themselves.
I help women follow their truth, honor their anger, and love themselves without guilt.  
I help women grant themselves freedom to live life on their own terms.

Would you like to:

  • Express yourself authentically without fear?
  • Trust yourself more and doubt yourself less?
  • Replace saying “I’m sorry” all the time and instead have more reasons to say “Thank you”?
  • Experience vitality instead of exhaustion?
  • Be number one on your list (are you on your list?)?
  • Have more time for pleasure instead of being overburdened by obligation and expectation?
  • Experience joy instead of being depressed, unhappy, or unfulfilled?
  • Stop being an energetic sponge and set boundaries to honor your personal space?

Did you answer yes to any of those questions? If so, know this:You can be free to live life on your own terms when you commit to yourself once and for All, and have the support and guidance you need.

If you are ready for that type of freedom contact me, and we can get started right away. I offer Coaching, Mentoring, and Intuitive Sessions.My book Anger 101: The Healthy Approach to Being a Bitch is a great help in granting yourself the freedom that you desire. Get rid of the bad rap of anger by turning it into a powerful healing force. Learn how to turn discomfort into power, passion, and purpose. Become your own superhero. In paperback or eBook.

Wishing you the very best – you deserve it!

Lori DiGuardi, M.S., ACC

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Lori DiGuardi Transformation, Empowerment, and Personal Development Speaker, Blogger, Life Coach
Working with Lori I have made huge shifts in my old belief systems as well as healing & growing on levels I didn't even know existed. Lori's coaching & intuitive nature co-exist naturally, giving her clients a full spectrum to explore. The tools she has given me in every day life help facilitate my growth and expansion daily. Thank you Lori for holding space for me & assisting me with stepping into who I AM!

In the deepest knowing of your being, you already are what you desire.

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