Lori DiGuardi Transformation, Empowerment, and Personal Development Speaker, Blogger, Life Coach
Lori helped me see that everything I really needed was already inside, but she took me even further and helped unlock the door.
Hello, and Welcome!

If you are ready to live your most self-full, soul-full, and most deeply satisfying life, you have come to the right place!

You see, I’m a powerful change agent. I excel at turning challenges into potential, like the alchemist turns lead into gold. Transforming resistance, doubt, and limiting beliefs into power, conscious choice, and freedom is my forte’. Through my work of speaking, writing, and coaching, I help you expand into the unique expression that is the truth of your existence. This work is my passion and my purpose.

Stay awhile; look around. Let me inspire you to be a superhero of your soul. And when you’re ready to consciously create a more powerful, positive, and purposeful life, contact me .

Wishing you many blessings on the journey ahead.

Love ad infinitum, Lori
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Lori DiGuardi Transformation, Empowerment, and Personal Development Speaker, Blogger, Life Coach
Working with Lori I have made huge shifts in my old belief systems as well as healing & growing on levels I didn't even know existed. Lori's coaching & intuitive nature co-exist naturally, giving her clients a full spectrum to explore. The tools she has given me in every day life help facilitate my growth and expansion daily. Thank you Lori for holding space for me & assisting me with stepping into who I AM!

Personal development, empowerment, and transformational work are not for the faint-hearted. Stretching the boundaries of who you think you are into the deeper knowing of who you really are requires courage to see beyond the story, the subconscious, and cultural conditioning. I offer humble, wise, and powerful support. Together we create a sacred space of presence and safety so that your truth can flourish. We make time for fun and celebration too!

Focus of my work: Public speaking, video blogging, inspirational writing, and coaching, for transformation, empowerment, and personal development. My work also includes stress management, mindfulness, and unconditional love.

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The time is now!

Are you ready to expand more fully into your own unique potential? Would you like to reframe your relationship with others, with yourself, with life? Are you ready to experience freedom, peace, and love in each moment? Work with me, and together we will honor the truth of your existence.

Work with me and together we will transform, empower, and develop your inner power, honor your inner truth, and expand your outer potential! Contact me to get started!

In the deepest knowing of your being, you already are what you desire.