TEDx Tucson Breathing Fire Salon!

Photo by TEDx Tucson Breathing Fire Salon

I’m excited to announce my turn on the red round TEDx carpet!

Please join me for TEDx Tucson’s Salon on Saturday March 4, 2017, from 7PM to 10PM.

Buy tickets on Eventbrite or via the Facebook Event Page.

From TEDx Tucson:

Join us for an amazing evening with three speakers, one musical act, glass blowing, and great conversation. After our sold-out Conference, we hope this more intimate Salon will give you a chance to engage with the speakers and other participants and really explore the amazing ideas that come from the talks.
TEDxTucson Salons are smaller more intimate events exploring ideas worth spreading around a specific theme – this Salon will be on the theme of “Breathing Fire” bringing together 4 live speakers, 200 participants and our favorite prerecorded TED talks.

Check out the exciting work the team at TEDx Tucson is up to by going to the TEDx Tucson website!

And if you haven’t visited TED.com‘s site, go there now! Be inspired!


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