Want a simple process to transform your anger? Your life?

Your inner power can transform you through a process that doesn’t get much hoopla in schools, media, or other institutions. It’s this: When someone ruffles your feathers, use the experience to transform your life. It’s an authentically powerful process, simple but not easy, yet it can actually transform the world—I swear my life on it.

Here’s how to tap into that power:

  • Be curious about what you are feeling when you experience a reaction of disdain, anger, disgust, hate,
  • Instead of immediately judging and resisting the experience or the person who got your attention, accept that the moment exists just as it.
  • In a spirit of curiosity and acceptance, shift your awareness on that “outside” event by focusing your attention on what you feel “inside.”
  • Notice any sensations and where in your body you feel them. Stay with each one and simply notice it as if you were looking at a folded up t-shirt. “Oh, there it ”
  • Feel into the sensations of YOU and ask yourself these questions: What in your life needs your attention? How can you love yourself more in each moment?
  • Honor the answers that come to you. Honor YOU. Take action if needed.
  • With self-acknowledgment, self-honor, and self-love, as you use this transformative process, give thanks to the “outer” experience for leading you home to what needs you most: YOU.

Of all the infinite sources of power in the world, the most transformative power is the one within.

If you need help with tapping into your transformative power, contact me. This is what I do best.

*From page 90 of my newly released book Anger 101: The Healthy Approach to Being a Bitch.


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