Public Speaking

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Above all, I am a communicator. My words speak to the ability to live a spirited and successful self-full and soul-full life. My words are imbued with the energy of love and integrity. I speak from the one heart. Through communicating I create a space for greater awareness and clarity about self and life. I am a communicator who deeply respects the divine intelligence shared by the All.

My presentations connect with the audience’s greatest resource for miracles – their true nature – and this foundation is the purpose of my work. I help to reignite the inner flame of a person’s one precious life, inspire the group toward their shared vision, and facilitate an eagerness and even passion to express the authentic self, individually and in community with others. My spoken word and presence, embody the energy of transformation, empowerment, personal development, expanded consciousness, unconditional love, mindfulness, and truth.


When we are inspired by our own inner beauty and potential, our energy flows more effortlessly into the direction of our soul’s longing, and all aspects of life. Intrinsic motivation is far more successful than external motivation. I help my audience naturally commit to showing up in their bigness.

throat-6I am known for a sophisticated and infectious energy that reignites and fans the inner flame. A spontaneous potential for transformation is a natural benefit to listening and feeling the words and energy of my presentations. I am an award-winning and TEDx speaker. I love to speak and I do speak well!
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Lori DiGuardi Transformation, Empowerment, and Personal Development Speaker, Blogger, Life Coach
Lori spoke at our school's parents' meeting with a focus to clear up misunderstandings between the parent community and our school. She spoke with passion, commitment and conviction.The audience was relaxed and happy about Lori being there. As a result Lori's words were positively received, and the presentation a success. The attitude of our school parents changed for the positive as they slowly started to take more responsibility in their children's education and school community.