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Speaking, writing, and coaching for me, are intentional expeditions into the wilderness of life. Some times, my quests need a passport, and almost all of them require courage. Whether the journeys are outward quests on rugged terrain or through very sensitive inner landscape, my goals are to challenge personal mythology and expand human potential. Not surprisingly, I’m fond of the ancient Greek directive: Know Thyself. I also delight in the art of having fun.

Speaking, writing, and coaching for me, are intentional expeditions into the wilderness of life

Meandering adventures that explore life while having fun
are my favorite kind of journeys!

Contact me if you'd like me to speak at your event, cover a topic in a blog post, or ask a question. Connect with me on  Twitter Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Youtube. And if you're ready for a more personal intimate transformative experience, coach with me.

Remember - we are all in this together. What we can accomplish together is impossible to do alone. Please join me in the meanderings of thought and discovery.

Let's expand life into a juicier potential!

With love and encouragement for an adventurous life,

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