How would a trusted mentor benefit you?

Do you need to:
  • Explore what it means to be true to yourself?
  • Have hope during a dark or challenging time?
  • Not feel alone when you feel so different than other people?
  • Reassess your relationship with another person?
Would it be helpful to:
  • Explore your role and expectations at work?
  • Assess what the right career path is for you?
  • Have support in strategizing for a project you are responsible for?
  • Brainstorm ways to support a charity you are passionate about?
Are you being called to:
  • Commit to your spiritual path but aren’t sure what that means, or how?
  • Practice meditation/mindfulness/presence and need guidance on how to include the practice in your day to day life?
  • Align your work and personal life, with your spiritual life or your soul’s purpose?
  • Show up authentically but not sure how to or are afraid to show your true self to the world?
Would you like support with:
  • Stress management?
  • Being accountable with a fitness routine?
  • Eating healthy?


Mentor - Lori Diguardi

Lori has worked in the international corporate world with Fortune 500 Companies, in the not for profit world in the United States and Africa, and as a consultant, mentor, and certified coach in the USA, Europe, and Uganda. She’s an award winning and TEDx speaker, has a Masters in Organizational and Strategic Leadership, and is an ACC certified coach through International Coach Federation. Her master’s thesis capstone project focused on biology supported empowerment for health and well being. Lori’s experience and work history cover a multitude of areas with an ability to connect to the heart of a challenge and to the potential of what is wanting to happen.

Mentor sessions can be purchased as needed. You might want to explore life coaching as well. Feel free to contact Lori with any questions.

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