Are You Ready to Be a Superhero for Your Own Life? Embark on your own hero’s journey to overcome a woman’s biggest challenge—self-love without guilt—en route to creating the soulful, fulfilling life of a modern-day bitch. Anger 101 showcases the author’s crusade to rid anger of its bad rap and turn it into a powerful healing force. Her stories reveal a deep, honest exploration into her inner truth. They become a beacon for you to search inside and become heroic, honorable, and powerful yourself. Lori DiGuardi has combined her life experiences, academic knowledge, and soul’s wisdom to help you open to your inner truth. She makes that wisdom real through her Time For Your Truth exercises and Suggested Practices. Anger 101 contains the keys to living a heroic, honorable, and powerful life of a bitch as you turn silence into self-expression, suppression into strength, discomfort into power. Make anger work for you. Become the heroic, honorable, and powerful bitch who can move mountains!

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