Lori DiGuardi has extensive experience in the international corporate world with Fortune 500 Companies, in the not for profit world in the United States and Africa, and as a consultant, mentor, and certified coach in the USA, Europe, and Uganda. She is an award winning and TEDx speaker, has a Masters in Organizational and Strategic Leadership, and is an ACC certified coach through International Coach Federation. She attended higher education in Franciscan institutions with theology and philosophy studies, and she has also studied with Central American and African traditional healers. Her master’s thesis capstone project focused on biology supported empowerment for health and well being. Lori's experience and work history cover a multitude of areas with an ability to connect to the heart of a challenge and to the potential of what is wanting to happen. Areas that Lori can consult in include nonprofit fundraising, mindfulness, stress management, women's advocacy, spirituality, international relations, and public speaking.

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