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"Lori has a wonderful gift for language and imagery. Absolute perfection in storytelling!  What a powerful and poignant message, and perfectly delivered."

"You possess a rare skill to deliver powerful and emotional speeches that tell powerful stories with strong storylines and morals."

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My words speak to the ability to live a spirited and successful self loving and soul-full life. I am known for a sophisticated and infectious energy that reignites the inner flame.

I connect with the audience’s greatest resource for miracles – their true nature – and this foundation is the purpose of my work. I inspire the group toward their individual aspirations and shared vision, and facilitate a passion to express the authentic self, individually and in community with others.

When we are inspired by our own inner beauty and potential, our energy flows more effortlessly into the direction of our soul’s longing, and all aspects of life. Intrinsic motivation is far more successful than external motivation. I help my audience naturally commit to showing up in their bigness.

Learn the keys to increase self-awareness; discover the truth about anger; recognize personal needs for change; and learn response-ability with truth, honor and inspired action while creating healthy relationships and authentic leadership.
Explore the ways women limit themselves and are oppressed by others - directly and subtly; discover the keys to freedom, truth, and honor; create sustainable practices to shift into authentic and powerful womanhood.
Learn the truth about leadership and control! Learn and experience what your leader within wants you to know about: Vision, Authentic Power, and Freedom to Lead!

TEDx Tucson Talk

Lori spoke for TEDx Tucson’s Breathing Fire Salon on March 4, 2017. Her talk is titled Anger 101: An Honorable Approach to Being a Bitch and was inspired by her book. Lori’s talk is an intimate look at what life is like when you are on the receiving end of someone else’s anger, or worse, their abuse, and then stuff your own anger in response rather than speaking up because your own anger scares you or makes you feel guilty for even feeling it in the first place. If you’ve ever had conflicting feelings about anger and you’re worried about being labeled a bitch, Lori’s TED talk gives you permission to be you – anger and all. (based on the TEDx introduction by Doug Stevenson of Story Theater International.)

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