My words speak to the ability to live a spirited and successful self loving and soul-full life. I am known for a sophisticated and infectious energy that reignites the inner flame.

I connect with the audience’s greatest resource for miracles – their true nature – and this foundation is the purpose of my work. I inspire the group toward their individual aspirations and shared vision, and facilitate a passion to express the authentic self, individually and in community with others.

When we are inspired by our own inner beauty and potential, our energy flows more effortlessly into the direction of our soul’s longing, and all aspects of life. Intrinsic motivation is far more successful than external motivation. I help my audience naturally commit to showing up in their bigness.
Learn the keys to increase self-awareness; discover the truth about anger; recognize personal needs for change; and learn response-ability with truth, honor and inspired action while creating healthy relationships and authentic leadership.
Explore the ways women limit themselves and are oppressed by others - directly and subtly; discover the keys to freedom, truth, and honor; create sustainable practices to shift into authentic and powerful womanhood.

Life Coaching

Increased Confidence. Expanded Awareness. Integrity in who you are and what you value. Improved communication skills. Transformative process. Accountability. Commitment to self. Increased mindfulness.
Honoring of core values. Greater interpersonal effectiveness. Improved relationships. Satisfaction with work and life. Attainment of relevant goals. Speaking your truth. Trust in the process. Focus on you. Less confusion. Peace of mind. Less stress. Simplicity.
Enhanced decision making skills. Fresh perspectives on personal challenges. Embodying qualities needed for goals. Clarity on what's possible and action steps to attain it. Clear life vision. Unbiased input.
Increased work-life balance. Learning and clarity for forward action. Measurable outcomes. Maximize personal and professional potential. Support through change. Effective accountability.

Private Reading

In a Private Reading I allow my unique intuitive abilities to access otherwise hidden information – information that is vital for success in achieving your heartfelt intentions, desires, and goals. I then work with you to integrate this information with grace and ease.

Your experience in life is based on your relationship with life and everything in it. Your relationships and your beliefs about those relationships are formed in your earliest years. Those subconscious beliefs often are untrue. A Private Reading with me works to uncover these “untruths” so that their energy can be transformed, setting you free to create a life based on your truth and your heart’s desires.

Your soul naturally wants your human experience to include the awareness of your true self. I can help.

Schedule a reading with me and move closer to your heart’s desires.
How will you benefit from a session with me?
  • Uncover what is preventing you from moving forward in your area of concern.
  • Shift and transform the energy of subconscious beliefs, blocks, and other limitations, so that this energy is available for your intentions.
  • Transform your relationships: with yourself, and with people, places, and things.
  • Receive a list of support:
    • flower and plant essences and essential oils;
    • a blessing and affirmation from your soul; and
    • messages from your inner truth to bolster you as you move towards your desires.
  • Leave with clarity about your response-ability, and an inspired action plan for your desired objective.
What makes a Private Session with me different than Intuitive Sessions with others?
  • We are both actively engaged; it is not a passive thing for you.
    • Sustainable change and freedom require your commitment.
  • Two days before the session you receive instructions on how to prepare for the reading.
    • Your commitment and responsibility initiates the transformative process before we even begin the session.
  • I share what comes intuitively to me. A deep resonance is felt that engages the wisdom of the heart with transformative power.
  • As a certified coach I am able to help you go deeper to create greater insight and alchemy.
  • You leave the session with action steps, support, and accountability.
  • Later, you have a subsequent check-in, in addition to email and phone support with me.


Do you need to:
  • Explore what it means to be true to yourself?
  • Have hope during a dark or challenging time?
  • Not feel alone when you feel so different than other people?
  • Reassess your relationship with another person?
Would it be helpful to:
  • Explore your role and expectations at work?
  • Assess what the right career path is for you?
  • Have support in strategizing for a project you are responsible for?
  • Brainstorm ways to support a charity you are passionate about?
Are you being called to:
  • Commit to your spiritual path but aren’t sure what that means, or how?
  • Practice meditation/mindfulness/presence and need guidance on how to include the practice in your day to day life?
  • Align your work and personal life, with your spiritual life or your soul’s purpose?
  • Show up authentically but not sure how to or are afraid to show your true self to the world?
Would you like support with:
  • Stress management?
  • Being accountable with a fitness routine?
  • Eating healthy?


International Non-profit fund raising, accountability, multi-cultural communication and relationships.
Specifically engaging the autonomic nervous system to move towards homeostasis through increasing Heart Rate Variability.
Including simple practices, life style changes, and meditation.
Focusing on eliminating oppression through empowering the individual.
Getting your idea ready for the stage and engaging for the audience, including practices, qualities, and rules important for the dynamic speaker.

How Can I Help You?

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