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Learn to live life on your own terms – A 4 Week Intensive


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Soar to Freedom – A 4 Week Intensive


Do you sense there is “something more” for you?

Are you tired of being exhausted and needing attention and help, but not giving yourself what you need?

Do you say “I’m sorry” too much? Want to trust yourself more? Express your truth effortlessly?

Do you work around the clock and crave balance in your life?

Are you trying to be something that you are not, doing stuff you don’t want to do?

Would you like to live in a way that your mother couldn’t? Would you like to go from struggle to thriving – for not only yourself but for your children too?

Are you ready for more fulfilling change, now?

If you answered “yes”to any of these questions this course is right for you.

I have practiced and mastered how to connect to inner truth, hear its message, and heed its wisdom. Step by step. You will learn how to KNOW what you need, what you desire and value. You will learn how to naturally prioritize YOU, and take action steps that honor your knowing. You will learn to trust yourself.

This 4 week intensive is experiential. You will not just be taught – you will experience the necessary keys to live life on your own terms – so that you can soar to freedom!


  • Be in a group of women who are focused on truth and honor.
  • Share your truth, needs, and desires in a safe place.
  • Get grounded in your body so you can explore and honor your inner truth.
  • Learn the difference between true wisdom and “imposter” ego thinking.
  • Get weekly live video sessions with detailed explanations.
  • Get weekly pdfs with exercises and action items.
  • Have your questions answered by Lori, and
  • Receive support from caring women who are on the same journey.


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