Speaking Testimonials

[Neumann University] was so lucky to have Lori DiGuardi present a session (“Mindfulness for Personal and Professional Success”) to our constituents at Neumann University. Lori’s authenticity, passion for her work, knowledge base, and ability to connect with her audience are shining characteristics that lend to her energy as a speaker. Our constituents left not only with a well-grounded idea of how mindfulness benefits them personally, but how mindfulness extends beyond the self to include heightened awareness of the other, leading to healthy interpersonal relationships. I would highly recommend Lori to any group looking for an inspiring and educational session!

Stephanie E. Fortunato, M.S - Assistant Director of Alumni Relations - Neumann University

As the Assistant Head of Shipley Lower School, I have known Lori for 12 years. She is the most natural, fully present, joyous and dynamic speaker.

Lori has spoken at several school assemblies over the years to elementary students, middle school students, upper school students, and has recently left the audience hushed and speechless when addressing the entire school of 850 students and 200 teachers, with over a hundred parents in attendance.

Lori prepares her speeches meticulously and creates great visuals to accompany her presentations, but when she is on stage, she speaks from her heart, clearly and effectively with no notes. She looks directly at the audience and her passion for cultivation healthy relationships among all of humankind fills hearts and minds.

[You] will be very fortunate to have Lori DiGuardi as a motivational speaker!!!

Dr. Usha Balamore - Assistant Head of Shipley Lower School

I could listen to Lori all day!
Lori is very dynamic!
She is nonjudgmental and accepting.
Lori’s voice and pace allowed for a highly successful experience.
Lori should do a TED talk!

Neuman University - Mindfulness for Personal and Professional Success - Aston, PA.

I always love to see Lori at the front of the room and listen to her. She is such a wonderful story teller and delivers with grace and style!

M.S. - Malvern, PA

Lori has a wonderful gift for language and imagery. Absolute perfection in storytelling!
What a powerful and poignant message, and perfectly delivered.

R.W. - Malvern, PA

Absolutely impressive!

S.S. - Pennsylvania

I could listen to Lori speak all day – about anything!

A.S. - Malvern, PA

You possess a rare skill to deliver powerful and emotional speeches that tell powerful stories with strong storylines and morals.

M.S. - Malvern, PA

Dynamic, vibrant, fun, delightfully inventive, perceptive, and thoughtful.

K.S. - Malvern, PA

The lioness has spoken, but she delivers her power with a gentle purr.

K.S. - Malvern, PA