Life Coaching Testimonials

I feel empowered with Lori, like it is possible to change and improve myself and the answers lie within me.

G.L. - West Chester, PA.

 Lori has an open and warm personality and also focused and adapted in her style. She is very attentive to the issues emerging and used various techniques to surface underlying issues which allow resolution and progress to be made. She is attentive to her client’s agenda and establishes trust and intimacy and a wonderful coaching presence. Lori was skilled in taking a presenting topic and exploring how we could surface the underlying issue and move to finding steps to resolve or progress the issue. Lori is well versed in … reaching into the subconscious. She also used a number of other approaches such as tapping into the head, the heart and the gut to discover what each area says about an issue. She is an excellent coach at allowing the client to define action steps, and gaining commitment to following through. Each session I had with Lori I brought an issue that I was trying to resolve and I left each session with ways of addressing and resolving the issue. A sense of lightness and calm was experiences following each session.

M.R. - Dublin, Ireland

I had never had formal coaching before and not knowing what to expect, I really didn’t know what I was getting into. I was just looking for something to help me get my life back on a track. My career was a bit of a mess, my love life nonexistent and I felt as though I was not moving anywhere. Through coaching with Lori, I was able to redefine my personal values, set and achieve individual practices that helped me to see far beyond my current circumstances and make great strides towards where I wanted to be. Lori helped me see that everything I really needed was already inside, but she took me even further and helped unlock the door. She’s truly amazing and such a supportive and loving coach! No matter where you find yourself in life–having none of the answers or having all of them, I highly suggest coaching with Lori–it has truly made a positive impact on my life and ability to move towards my goals!

K.S. - USA

Lori, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have been great, and I’m so thankful for having had you as my coach. You truly are truth, trust and transformation! I’ve been challenged in ways I never would have thought of myself. You heard what I didn’t say out loud, and you read what I didn’t write. Thank you for being with me on my sometimes painful journey. I wouldn’t want to change a bit of the process I’ve been through. I highly recommend Lori and give her my heartfelt greetings and blessings.

A.A. - Norway

Working with Lori I have made huge shifts in my old belief systems as well as healing & growing on levels I didn’t even know existed. Lori’s coaching & intuitive nature co-exist naturally, giving her clients a full spectrum to explore. The tools she has given me in every day life help facilitate my growth and expansion daily. Thank you Lori for holding space for me & assisting me with stepping into who I AM!

A.C.  - Ridley Park, PA