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Lori works with women leaders to clarify their "something more" in order to maximize connection, fulfillment, and growth in both their personal and professional lives.

As a professional speaker, certified life coach, workshop facilitator, and author, Lori’s hones in on relationship and leadership – first with the self and then everyone else. Her 25 years as an international corporate and nonprofit leader repeatedly revealed an essential life truth — "whole life" success increases when women connect with their own inner truth. This inner truth is what fuels personal power.

As a woman leader, your personal power is the key to success for the projects you manage, the teams you lead, and the businesses you run. Your personal power benefits not only your professional life but your personal life too. Leading with personal power is key to mutually rewarding relationships, fulfillment from the inside out, and exponential personal and professional growth.

Lori is a member of National Speaker Association - Arizona, International Coach Federation, and eWomenNetwork.

25Years Experience
2000People Reached - In Person
75Books & Articles/Posts
100Speaking Events

Are you ready to be a superhero for your own life?

In Anger 101: The Healthy Approach to Being a Bitch you will embark on your own hero’s journey to overcome a woman’s biggest challenge – self-love without guilt – en route to creating the soulful, fulfilling life of a modern day bitch.

It’s time to rid anger of its bad rap and turn it into a powerful healing force.

In this book I combine my life experiences with my academic knowledge and soul’s wisdom to help you open to your inner truth.

You’ll find Anger 101 contains the keys to the heroic, honorable, and powerful life of a bitch as you turn silence into self-expression and suppression into strength.

  • Receive permission to prioritize your needs guilt-free
  • Learn to turn discomfort into power, passion, and purpose
  • Get grounded so you can explore and honor your inner truth



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