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Professional Speaker
Certified Life Coach. Author.

Lori works with women leaders to clarify their "something more" in order to maximize connection, fulfillment, and growth in both their personal and professional lives.

As a professional speaker, certified life coach, workshop facilitator, and author, Lori’s hones in on relationship and leadership – first with the self and then everyone else. Her 25 years as an international corporate and nonprofit leader repeatedly revealed an essential life truth — "whole life" success increases when women connect with their own inner truth. This inner truth is what fuels personal power.

As a woman leader, your personal power is the key to success for the projects you manage, the teams you lead, and the businesses you run. Your personal power benefits not only your professional life but your personal life too. Leading with personal power is key to mutually rewarding relationships, fulfillment from the inside out, and exponential personal and professional growth.

The cornerstone of Lori’s passion and purpose is helping women create foundations of mutually honorable and fulfilling relationships starting with the relationship they have with themselves.

Speaker, Life Coach, Author - Lori DiGuardi

Lori says, “Your relationship with yourself determines your relationship with everything in life. Your relationship with everything in life determines your experience in life. Since leadership is all about relationship, in order to be a great leader you must have a great relationship with yourself.”

Lori takes women leaders on journeys of personal discovery to personal mastery in order to maximize leadership potential.

Women have an innate ability to midwife all aspects of life. When women are free to be authentic, visionary, and powerful leaders, the whole world benefits.

If you are an event organizer or community leader looking for a professional speaker who will engage the female members and women leaders of your community to experience their unique and powerful abilities, contact Lori. Women are visionaries and when they connect to their inherent abilities with confidence and collaboration, your organization benefits and so does your bottom line. Contact Lori today and learn how she can help revolutionize the women leaders in your organization.

If you are a woman in leadership or a woman who wants to lead her own life with personal power, contact Lori and learn how she can help you clarify your own unique "something more" for success and become a fulfilled and successful leader.

Lori is a member of National Speaker Association - Arizona, International Coach Federation, and eWomenNetwork.

Speaker, Life Coach, Mentor, Consultant


M.S. in Organizational and Strategic Leadership
B.S. in Computer Science summa cum laude
Associate in Applied Science in Data Processing with honors

ACC Associate Certified Coach through International Coach Federation
HabitChange Company
Transformational Leadership Presence and Coaching (TLPC) with Alan Seale

TEDx Speaker of “Anger 101: An Honorable Approach to Being a Bitch”
Author of Anger 101: The Healthy Approach to Being a Bitch
Black Belt in Tang Soo Do Karate
Service Above Self Award, Rotary Club of Media, PA

Affiliations and Certification

International Coach Federation

Associate Certified Coach - International Coach Federation

Women for Change, Coaching Community Coach